API Powder Outfeeding System

the negative pressure that is generated by vacuums suck the powder into vacuum outfeeding device through sucking gun, and in the vacuum device, API powder and gas are separated, the API powder is collected in the powder tank.


  • Aseptic API powder adapts automatic outfeeding, reduce the infeeding and outfeeding time, completely eradicates the human intervention.
  • The API powder adapts vacuum conveying, isolated dispensing, decreases the possibility of contamination.
  • Its mechanical structure is reasonable, efficient and thorough CIP and SIP can be taken.
  • It can realize the fastest API powder conveying and milling by applying optimized equipments and technology.


  • US Praxair NCOOLTM Heat Exchanger
  • Samson®(Germany) LN2 control valve
  • Hermetic®(Germany) low temperature pump
  • Rosemount® (America) liquid level indicator and pressure sensor