Canister Conveying and RABS

Trolley with laminar flow is applied for conveying the containers and other parts after sterilization. Ensure the A class laminar flow protection during the conveying process. RABS is used for protecting key process operation, make the relevant operation are undertaken under the A laminar flow.


  • Trolley with laminar flow has better performance of tightness, the conveying process with isolated technology, avoid the human intervention and decrease the contamination risk.
  • All of the parts installed in the RABS that are contacted with drugs will be accessible for CIP and SIP, decrease the contamination possibility.
  • Putting the milling machine under the A class laminar flow secure the safety of process.
  • The design of trolley and RABS are easy for CIP and SIP with optimized structure.


  • Trolley with Laminar Flow
  • RABS