CGMP Lab Freeze Dryers

cGMP qualified Laboratory freeze dryers are specially designed to meet the research and development phase of freeze drying requirements in the research and development which are designed according to GMP principles and cGMP to achieve with the international standards.


  • cGMP design
  • AISI-316L construction for all product contact surfaces
  • Cylindrical process chamber and external condenser located behind freeze-drying chamber
  • Air cooling and water cooling compressor for option
  • Thermal exchanger and circulation pump ensure homogeneity of distribution of temperature on and between each shelf
  • Control system based on PLC + PC + Touch Screen with 21 CFR Part11Compliance


  • Stoppering system
  • Vial sampling thief
  • Eutectic Point Device
  • Installation across sterile wall
  • SIP and CIP available for LYO-0.5

Technical Specifications