Closed Restricted Access Barrier Systems (cRABS) air handling is dedicated to the system and provides down-flow air which is circulated inside physical barriers, together with provision of make-up fresh air and ducted exhaust system.


  • Less influence to airflow in the surrounding environment.
  • Rigid wall enclosure provides full physical separation of the aseptic processing operations from operators.
  • Unidirectional airflow systems provide grade A environment to the critical areas.
  • cRABS operates in positive pressure to the environment.
  • Doors are controlled by safety switches. Alarm and stopping aseptic processing signal will be triggered when wrongly opening doors during aseptic production.
  • Gloves are used to access all the process area needed for intervention with doors closed.
  • RTP and other connection or interface under aerodynamic barrier protection is used for transfer procedures.
  • Environment monitoring devices can be integrated according to customer’s requirement, such as reserving the mechanical and electrical ports for the particle counter and microbe sampler.
  • Integrated H2O2 vapor decontamination system is an optional function to the cRABS.