Auto Solution Preparation Systems

Today Solution Preparation Systems are developing from manual, semi-auto to auto control.

Key Features

  • Automatic Processing
  • Filter Integrity Test in Situ after SIP
  • Automatic SIP
  • Control System in compliance with USFDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP 5

Main Systems

  • Auto Utility Module
  • Auto Drainage Module
  • Auto Processing Tank
  • Auto Filters Module
  • Integration with Filling Machine
  • Sampling

Aseptic Vial Filling Line

This line is designed for pharmaceutical industry. They fulfill standards worldwide concerning the regulation of pharmaceutical process such as cGMP and FDA guidelines as well as the efficiency oriented.


  • Through-wall installation to facilitate RABS and Isolator Integration
  • Flexible Filling Technologies
  • Piston Pump Filling
  • Time Pressure Filling with CIP and SIP design (To be developed)
  • Peristaltic Pump Filling with Disposable Technology
  • Robot Technology
  • 100% IPC and (or) Statistical Weighing System (To be developed)
  • Suitability for RABS or Isolator by Design
  • Fast Parts Change
  • Mechanical and Automation Integration with Solution Preparation Systems, Stopper Processing, Freeze Dryer Auto Loading Systems and Barrier Systems so as to offer continuous process

Ampoule Filling Line

ALX serial ampoule filling line is designed and produced in accordance with cGMP, and meets increasing large volume production needs from our clients.


  • Servo motor driven
  • Negative pressure sealing for HEPA
  • Automatic air balance
  • Door position control (manual or automatic)
  • Ceramic piston pump filling or stainless steel piston pump filling
  • Nitrogen gas flushing before and after filling
  • With LAF or RABS protection

Main systems

  • QCL Serial Washer
  • SZA Serial Sterilising Tunnel
  • AGF Serial Filling and Sealing Machine

Inspection Machine

It's mainly used for the automatic inspection of visible impurities, Liquid level, cosmetic and tip defect for ampoules;visible inclusions on freeze-dry cakes, plastic stopper, aluminum cap, container etc for vials.