LN2 Refrigeration Freeze Dryers

LN2 freeze dryer can increase the Lyophilization Productivity, Flexibility, and Reliability Using by using the liquid nitrogen as the coolant. It provides number of performance advantages over a conventional compressor-based system.


  • Achieve lower temperature (non-aqueous solvents)
  • Maintain constant cooling rate (better ice structuring)
  • Provide faster cooling and/or freezing (vaccines)
  • Improve reliability and requires minimal maintenance vs mechanical refrigeration
  • Smaller foot print than mechanicals
  • Environmentally friendly (no CFC) and quiet operation
  • Nitrogen gas may be available for other uses

Main Components

  • US Praxair NCOOL™ Heat Exchanger
  • Samson®(Germany) LN2 control valve
  • Hermetic®(Germany) low temperature pump
  • Rosemount® (America) liquid level indicator and pressure sensor