API Powder Milling, Blending and Packaging System

API powder is taken into milling machine for sifting, then it is collected in the powder tank. The hoisting machine will lift the powder tank and blend it. After blending, the hoisting machine will dock with vibration packaging machine for API packaging, than deliver the aluminum can for capping. After a whole batch of dispensing, the whole system can be taken for CIP and SIP, avoid cross contamination, in compliance with GMP regulation.


  • Milling machine adapts international brand genuine part, with high efficiency and uniform particle size.
  • Hoisting machine integrates the function of hoisting with blending and docking. Every work station is equipped with self-lock device, in case of any misoperation.
  • Vibration packaging machine is precise and highly efficient with simple mechanical structure.
  • Capping machine adapts hob cutter, with high efficiency and better tightness.
  • All of the parts that are contacted with drugs are accessible for CIP and SIP, decrease the possibility of drug contamination.
  • Systemize the process of milling, blending, packaging and capping, the whole process can be recapitulated.


  • Powder milling machine,
  • powder tank,
  • hoisting machine,
  • vibration packaging machine
  • capping machine